Interview: Alessandro Daudeferd

Greetings, Daudeferd. Please introduce yourself to the readers and your works as an archaeologist and anthropologist. Which are your research areas?

Salute to you, Kamerad, and heils to all of you, readers. I am Alessandro Daudeferd Bonfanti, born in Sicily in August 1977, but partly of Northern Italian origins, as can be seen from my Lombard surname (from the germanic tribe of Langobards). My origins are therefore Celto-Germanic, Langobard with Celtic influences on the one hand, Swabian-Norman on the other. However, I was born in a beautiful region, the island of Sicily, which hosts many and very ancient Indo-European traditions (proto-Illyrian, sub-Carpathian, Hellenic, Italic, Germanic -those ones from the Ostrogoths to the Normans to the Swabians-), which I have carefully studied over the years, although with considerable delay compared to those of other European regions (starting from Northern Europe) that I started studying when I was still just an elementary school child. In fact, to say that I am an archaeologist and an anthropologist and that I do this just for a ‘’living’’, although that is also the truth, I would actually say a lie, since this intellectual formation of mine has always accompanied me, since it is my very reason for living. Therefore it is precisely a mission, a creed, something that sustains my life and in turn I offer my whole life to this creed: it is the Indo-European Weltanschauung, or better to say Nordic, which embraces all European peoples, not only those ones of the Indo-European language. In any case, in order to be able to exercise all this in life, therefore to be able to do all this on a professional, academic, scientific level, I have dedicated myself to my school education, keeping in mind the limits imposed by the current circumstances that are breathed in academic environments, but also by taking possession of all those elements to break down these limits of truly impoverishing and suppressive socio-cultural circumstances, and also to break down the other insane part that wanders among us like a black plague, much worse: all these ‘’wizards and witches’’ who improvise ” doctors ” and ” scientists ” (fake) to pour out the New Age poison with a clear Crowleyan imprint, therefore Masonic, anti-traditional, anti-Nordic and anti-European. In addition to this, I am also a great lover of music, art, Nature, travel and knowledge. Until a few years ago I played (I’m a bass player and singer) in various musical projects from Milan to Northern Europe (including Discipline Of Hate), I had also a very small distro, Heiliger Krieg. A few years ago I also gave birth to a clothing line with a very strong name ‘’Daudeferd: Golden Age for an Iron Youth’’, made with a theme, which I then had to put aside due to the lack of a good supporter/backer/promoter, although there were really good ideas.

But I’ve always had to leave everything because I’ve never managed to combine time or times for all these passions (you can’t do everything in a single day, especially if you want to do it seriously and of a certain quality). Between studies, travels, various life problems, economic and financial resources, unfortunately, they have always placed limits on me. In any case, I have always managed to do what I wanted, always achieving excellent results and therefore to complete all the planned projects. Today, I no longer play, but I have put aside all the music recorded over the years, since I was 14/15 years old back in 1992, and slowly, thanks to the help of good Comrades and fraternal friends, I am producing something very special. For example, the various pieces of Discipline Of Hate, which I formed in the late 90s (until the early 2000s) in Northern England, are only now seeing the light thanks to the help of some collaborators, including musicians and producers, of the Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany. Currently I also write lyrics for some projects, including Hatefrost from Poland, a good group that has been able to see musically well in my lyrics (I started writing the lyrics for Hatefrost starting from the split cd with Wolfenburg). In any case, I have devoted a large part of my life to music since I was very young and I grew up listening to a lot of Black metal, a little bit of Death metal (only the real, dark and intelligent one, like the British Mithras, Throne Of Nalis, the Americans Arghoslent, Morbius, Morbid Angel, the Swedes Unleashed, Irkallian Oracle, the Finns Shadows Of Sunset, Belial, the Poles Damnation etc., not stupid filth like Cannibal Corpse with ‘’eat shit’’ or ‘’eat children’’ and pornographic wickedness, as well as the logic of power Zog wants to reduce young Europeans), very Martial and Neofolk (Triarii, Arditi, Toroidh, Darkwood, Liholesie, Temnojar, Wojnar, Förndom, Lönndom, Osi And The Jupiter, Krynitza, Ritual Front etc.), a certain type of Ambient (Pragnavit, Apoptose, Tetraktys, Uruk-Hai, very first Dernière Volonté etc.), a little RAC (Peggior Amico ‘’Worst Friend’’, Corona Ferrea ‘’Iron Crown’’, Dente Di Lupo ‘’Wolf’s Tooth’’, all these from Italy, Honor from Poland etc.), some serious Doom metal (The Flight Of The Sleipnir, Evoken, Thergothon, Heimskringla, Arische Freiheit etc.).

Of course, combining all these things takes a lot of time, and the day is made up of only 24 hours, of which at least 8 hours must also be dedicated to sleep, which is important. The trips have also been many and have taken a long time of my life, but it has always been worth it. In fact, in the deep North I became Daudeferd: the one who travels in the Kingdom of Death, an initiation that has opened me to the most hidden mysteries of our Nordic origins and to which I am dedicating my whole life.

How did you become interested in such topics? How important is it for you to keep exploring our past and the ways of our ancestors in these dark times we currently live in?

Well, this question is also simple, although it would take me -I don’t know how- many pages to answer all of you, my Comrades. I always hope not to bore you. First of all, it is right that I say indeed and repeat again that it is an arcane feeling and Will, a strongest Will. I feel everything inside, in every cell of my body: it flows in my blood, yes, but it is my whole body that is soaked, full of this fiery substance which is the Arya Weltanschauung (which also includes those who do not speak Indo-European languages, but always dealing with Europeans, Homines Europaei, Northerners in fact). Following the Jungian precepts, I can tell you that it is what my ancestors sowed in my DNA that sprouts and grows relentlessly and becomes as strong and solid as a secular tree, therefore my sub-conscious part; but it is also true that on a conscious, rational level, I am literally a fire that burns loudly and impetuously, incessantly, with the essence of ancestral air. I’m just like that, I can only be like that, I’ve always been like that. Without the Arya Weltanschauung I would no longer be… myself (not myself, but ‘’myself’’). I think and act on the basis of who I am: an Arya soul in an Arya body, a ‘’sana mens in sano corpore’’ (hence ‘’a good mind in a healthly body’’). I could not be other than myself: therefore myself. The search for origins, their discovery and their implementation are the key to our existential fulfillment and therefore to our psychic satisfaction, which then finds its outlet by starting beneficial energy in every part of our body (when an individual feels perfectly satisfied his joy it is also seen in the expressiveness of one’s body): once again ‘’sana mens in sano corpore’’. Man was born to follow Tradition, his own Tradition, so it is our duty to cultivate it, guard it, defend it, leave it to our posterity. Without Tradition there is only the sickness of the soul, the delete of one’s mind up to the total cancellation of identity and therefore in the end the total destruction of one’s body (do you see what a poor drug addict’s life is like?).

When we are born we learn many things, to walk, to talk, everything, which also includes who we are, where we come from, what to do. Tradition is what makes us ‘’sic et simpliciter’’ (‘’so, in this way’’), and every human community has its own Tradition because it is dictated by that subtle fiery substance, Spirit, embodied in a determined material composition distinguished by a code which is our genome. In short, what we do and that we very often relegate to our sub-conscious, is in reality the anamnesis, the awakening of our consciousness towards our subtle fiery substance (the Spirit), which wants to push us towards our ultra-material origins, ultra-earthly, but making us understand through our earthly corporeality (our body) that through our genetic code (DNA) becomes the expression of a higher Will that connects us to the higher sphere, that of the Divine. Soul and Body, in the ancestral Tradition are absolutely complementary: an anima optima ‘’strong and good soul’’ needs an optimum corpus ‘’strong and healthly body’’, therefore with this forma mentis ‘’way of thinking’’ and this modus vivendi ‘’life style’’, we, firm to the perennial Principles of Tradition, can lead a wonderful life, full of joy and hope, also and above all in the face of any impending catastrophe. Fighting and dying for the right cause is Honor, and this is what Tradition teaches us. To be strong, not to be afraid, to love the right things and people, to hate those who harm us, all this is Arya Tradition, all this is our wealth, all this is our happiness. If today there is a collapsing European population, totally filthy and without Honor, unhappy, monstrous, vicious and spoiled, perverse and rude, it is only because these Europeans have taken a completely wrong path that heavily insults the Arya Tradition, embracing their executioners who have given them this progressist, globalist, liberal and/or libertarian poison (when they know nothing about freedom, as well as about ‘’political correctness’’), very often in the form of alien traditions, or completely invented. Tradition means bond with the Ancestors, and through them to the Gods. And we are children of the Gods: the Gods have taught us everything and we must not transgress, because, if we do, we only destroy ourselves.

So far you’ve published three books about the origins of the Sicels. Why did you decide to study this topic so profoundly and what can the readers find in these works?

I have been writing for my entire life. I started as a teenager and never stopped. Over the years many of those notebooks, notes, etc. have accumulated. That I literally filled rooms in my house, from floor to ceiling. At first I dedicated myself to Germans, Celts, first Latin (prisci ‘’ancients’’) populations of Italy in general, then those ancient populations of Europe (all), reaching as far as India and China (Tocharyans). Then, at the time of my first University course, I was curious about the oldest populations of Sicily, which I already knew, and which I had already studied, but not investigated in depth. That was really the turning point, in recent decades I have turned the entire international academic world upside down with my studies on the ancient populations of Sicily, overturning all the senseless theories produced so far. I reconstructed everything about those populations: physical appearance, language, habits and customs, rituals and spirituality, reaching truly surprising connections as far as Scandinavia. Sikels, Sikans, Elymians, all populations that previously remained in the shadows, with a memory buried by ignorance and not only popular, but also for academic myopia (which still persists today). As I did with all the other Indo-European populations, starting with the Germans, the Celts, the ancient Italic populations up to the most remote ones (Sarmatians, Sacians, Tocharyans), also with these from Sicily, which by the way was also for me a must since I was born here, on this island, I managed to reach unimaginable levels of knowledge, which no one at an academic level can afford to refute or discredit, precisely because my research campaigns have brought proofs and proofs, an incredible number of proofs, all the result of a truly daring investigation. I have always read, since my University days, that the Sikels (in Latin Siculi, and same in Sikelian) were related to the Latins/Romans, that the Sikans were pre-Indo-European ‘’autochthonous’’ but ‘’probably coming from the Iberian peninsula’’ and so on. Well, I have swept away all this senseless accumulation of nonsense. With these three books, Siculi: popolo Ario venuto dal Nord ‘’Sikels: Arya people come from the North’’ and Siculi Indoeuropei. Le origini nordiche dell’Ethnos Voll. 1 ad 2 ‘’The Indo-European Sikels. The Nordic origins of the Race’’, I have written down everything I have gathered from this research of mine in the space of ten years, revealing how they were physically, what life they led, their spirituality, their cults, their rites, ceremonials, their childhood life up to their funeral, their language, their whole daily life. And this not only for the Sikels proto-Illyrians, but also for the Sikans sub-Carpathian Indo-Europeans and again for the Elymians still proto-Illyrians. In reality, there was a whole world to discover, to be pulled out of the abyss of oblivion, and I did it layer by layer, reaching their most remote prehistory.

Above, basalt capital of the temple dedicated by the Sikels to the God Hatranus, 6th-5th cent. BC, eastern Sicily. Two Solar Wheels are sculpted on the column capital.
Above, on the left, physiognomic and aesthetic reconstruction of a proto-illyrian woman of the Enotrians (the example also applies to the Sikels); on the right, Oscan coin, made in Sicily in the III cent. BC, portraying on the right the profile face of the God Hatranus, and on the reverse the Molosser dog who guarded his temple.

The Sikels, of course, have had not a few contacts with the proto-Latins (the ancestors of the Romans), they were even chased away from the central part of Italy by them with the support of other proto-Illyrians (the Pelasgians), although before driven back to those lands by the Umbrians, and finally expelled from the Italian peninsula first by the Opicians and then by the Enotrians. Sicily gave them the historical seat and here they started a wonderful culture. But the origins of the Sikels and all the proto-Illyrians is in the center of Neolithic Europe, in the remote Cultures of Baden and Lengyel, in close contact with the peoples of the Globular Amphora Culture. In the Italian peninsula they spread the beautiful Culture of Rinaldone indirectly from the Balkans during most of the Copper Age, which later evolved into Proto-Apennine and Apennine Culture. The Sikans have had a longer and more tormented prehistory, starting from their origins which can be placed in the South-Western Carpathians, which emerged from a nucleus to which the Hittites themselves can be ascribed. The Elymians were instead a fractionation of the Enotrians, on a par with the Morgetes, another people who settled in Sicily. If the Sikels allowed me to deepen prehistoric cultures traceable in the center of Europe between the sixth and fifth millennium BC, among all those hydronyms already traced by the great Hans Krahe following the dictates of Gustaf Kossinna (I also followed the trace of the skulls, the proto-Illyrian/Sikelian ovoid-ellipsoid skulls); the Sikans allowed me to do something bigger, since the signs they used in decorating the stone slabs of their royal tombs and their vases follow a symbolic syntax that I found in the very ancient Cultures of Scandinavia (the so-called angular elements, herringbone, placed next to the pointed circle). In addition, the skull of the Sikans, the five-edge ‘’pentagonic’’ one, still denotes traces of the distant ancestry of that Cro-Magnon of the phase preceding the Aurignacian. In short, I was also able to understand what their culinary recipes were. I love them, I can’t do anything about them.

Above, women of Sicily of the 4th cent. Era Vulgaris, portrayed in the mosaic of the Roman Villa del Casale (Piazza Armerina): tall, slender, with fair complexions, blond or red hair and blue eyes.

While mainstream scholars will always refer to the Aryans as a mere ethnolinguistic group that spoke several similar languages, facts prove that they shared the same social structures as well as cultural customs and religious cults. What do you have to say about this?

This is simply mere ignorance. Just stupid, silly ignorance. A blind ignorance dictated by a very specific political ideology, ‘’correct’’ according to them, which denies absolute evidence. There is no language that is not spoken by a people, thus invented out of thin air, since the language itself reflects the Weltanschauung of a people, that is to say the psychic genome. Denying this means not being a true linguist, not being a true scholar, not being honest at all, but only a bunch of idiots in the service of a political hegemony that has the express purpose of eliminating a ‘’dangerous’’ enemy. Languages ​​are formed, like the matter that surrounds us, by elements, such as phones/sounds, which in turn aggregate, just like molecules, form very precise semantic roots, the building blocks of logic; and if the logic corresponds to DNA, that is to a very specific chain of macromolecules, whose segments (or traits) are easily recognizable, the syntactic structures of languages ​​bring our thoughts outward, in turn emanations of our Will. Physiognomic characters are a visible and quantifiable expression of our genetic makeup, therefore the syntactic structures of languages ​​are the visible and quantifiable expression of our psychic sphere, that is, of our intellectual part inherent in our genome. Absolutely: languages ​​reflect the characteristics of an ethnos, our collective sub-conscious, our hidden impulses, what we are ab origine ‘’from the origins’’. The semantic roots, formed by a specific range of phones/sounds, is something that binds us to our most remote origins. Denying this is really insane. Not as ‘’scientists’’, but as insane. Costumes, cults, artistic forms find expression through communication, language, which is nothing more than a code of signs born within an Ethnos, a folk. This is absolutely undoubted. In the Indo-European case, as well as in the Turanian/Turanic or Semitic case, this seems evident to me: every linguistic family corresponds to a specific ethnos, to a specific race/people who have felt the need to evoke all the things around them and everything that comes from their itself, in the manner dictated and congenial to its genetic heritage. Weltanschauung is language, mimicry, art, feelings, degrees and modes of perception, therefore religion, habits, customs, precisely because it is something that is dictated by our genetic heritage. Weltanschauung is Ethnos, it is Urvolk speaking an Ursprache within an Urheimat. Unfortunately, all this is wasted to say in academia, since as in my case there is a risk not only of intellectual boycott but also of physical boycott through direct interventions and even arrests.

What about Pre-Indo-European peoples such as the Basques or the Etruscans? While not sharing the same origin as the Aryans, we can perceive many similarities in their culture and traditions, which were easily assimilated by the Aryans. Can we consider them as some kind of Proto-Aryans?

I tell you how things really are. There has never been a ‘’non-white’’, ‘’pre-Indo-European’’ and then Indo-Europeanized Europe. That was absolutely not the case. Europe has always been home to the Nordic Cro-Magnons, although even before the Neandherthals (still white skinned, fair haired and fair eyed, tall 165-168 cm.), and even before the Heidelbergenses men (still white skinned and tall 170-175 cm.). But the last two wiped out, the Cro-Magnons alone were the absolute masters of their home, Europe. Please flush all this false haplogroup nonsense created on purpose to create confusion into your toilet and flush the toilet. same author -I say this because I have been studying these things for years and now I really can’t take it anymore-. Put very simply: the Cro-Magnons spread throughout the vast European continent, up to the Uralic mountains, starting from the North (not from the Balkans, not from the center of Europe, not from the Middle East, not from any other than from Northern Europe), gradually fragmenting over many millennia. Many of these groups, reaching the various parts of the European continent (also reaching as far as North Africa and the Uralic mountains) have created the various paleo-demographic strata of our continent, have developed cultures and civilizations; but the nucleus that remained in the ancestral sites was the one that later became Indo-European. The Indo-Europeans do not come from the Russian steppes, absolutely not. And the good Gustaf Kossinna had adduced what the real Indo-European Urheimat was. Unfortunately, in the post-war period, the hypothesis (not theory) that was completely bizarre and in the service of the New Age of the Lithuanian Marjia Gimbutas took over. I try to be very simple: the Kurgan Culture was an expression of those Indo-Europeans who migrated from Northern Europe to the East, towards Asia and the Middle East (Kingdom of Mitanni, then Medes and Persians), practically all the Indo-European groups of the eastern branch and satem (those remaining in the West are in fact those of the kentum branch). Then, of course, there was an ebb from East to West, and here Balts, Slavs, Thracians, Dacians, Getae, Cimmerians approached; while Scythians (although they were the Indo-Iranians most facing Europe), Sarmatians, Sacians, Aryans-Hindu, Medes and Persians all turned east, towards Asia. Some kentum groups also took the road to the East: the Tocharyans arrived in China; the Hittites and the Luvic peoples reached the Anatolian peninsula; the Armeno-Misians arrived in their historical seat; the Phrygians passed into Anatolia. The Germans were the ones who stayed the longest (and still are) in the ancestral Urheimat.

Now, who are the Basques then? Simple, our Basque kinsmen are the descendants of those first degree Cro-Magnon cousins ​​who migrated southwards before us and settled in the Pyrenees. Their language proves it, but first of all their physiognomic characteristics: blood never lies, Sannhet i Blodet ‘’the Truth is in the Blood’’. Let me give an example (which I actually studied in depth in my books): if I take the word ‘’water’’ in Basque ur-a, the equivalence with the Indo-European root *wdehxr- is to be noted at the phonic level; and so if I take the singular personal pronoun ‘’thou/you’’, which in Basque/Euskara is zu, where the common remote origin is always noted (z <ts + w). If we take the glosses that refer to essential things in the life of a living being and therefore belong to the most ancient and irreplaceable lexical baggage, then we are dealing with systematic comparisons at both a phonic, radical and semantic level. There is no escape from this. Same thing goes for vettä ‘’water’’ in Finnish (vesi in Estonian, always the language of the Finnish group) and sinä ‘’thou/you’’ (this time comparable with the verbal-pronominal morpheme of the second person singular -si in Indo-European, so as minä ‘’I’’ always corresponds to the verbal-pronominal morpheme of the first person singular -mi in Indo-European): certainly the Finns did not wait for the Indo-European Germans to be explained what water is, or how to indicate ‘’I’’ and ‘’thou/you’’. They are very ancient ties, which go down to truly dizzying depths of time, and this still confirms our close kinship and above all our very ancient and original presence on the European continent. The language of the Guanches of the Canaries, the blond and blue-eyed Guanches, testify to this, which is therefore undeniable. The first men of Sicily were the Cro-Magnons, even well over 1.80 m tall, European and closely related to those of the Pyrenees (studies abound on this subject). Then it would be enough to also go and see the Guanches’ alphabet, the one still left among certain Berber tribes (white) and the ancient Iberian alphabet (which is native). Everything still undoubtedly refers to the Nordic origins (although what I say absolutely excludes the assertions of Theo Vennemann, it is clear).

About the Etruscans: they are absolutely Indo-European. This is a people born by synecism -by the aggregation- of several peoples, all Indo-Europeans, whose fusion led to the well-known linguistic phenomenon of pidgin (creolization). The first nucleus of the Etruscans was the Ur-Celtic one of the Central European culture of the urn fields of the late Bronze Age (XIII century BC), and this is testified by all the most ancient terms (archaisms) of their language, to which more and more disparate elements are added starting from the origins of their Proto-Villanovan culture: proto-Latin/Faliscan elements, Pelasgian proto-Illyrian elements, Osco-Umbrian elements, Tyrrhenian-Anatolian elements of the Shardana, and finally various Hellenic elements, especially Doric: dal for the ‘’sepulchral stone table’’ (same in Breton, which gives the words for dolmen ‘’table of stone’’), Ais ‘’God/Deity’’ (very similar to Aesir in Norse), the theonym Tinia, God of Thunder and Lightning (very similar to Taranis), Usil ‘’Sun’’, clan ‘’son’’, thura ‘’brother’’ (diminutive form of brathura), tuthi/tuthina ‘’people’’, hiul ‘’owl’’, lautun ‘’family/group’’ (similar to Leute in German and laos in Ancient Greek), all words from the Ur-Celtic corpus of the Culture of the Fields of Urns (whose diffusion in Italy takes the name of Proto-Villanovan Culture); Keru ‘’Creator’’ from the Proto-Latins/Falisci; hermu ‘’statue’’, aska ‘’vase’’, klarukhie ‘’heir’’ from the Hellenic Doric dialect and so on. And not only that, but this total Indo-European correspondence can be seen, even more importantly, at the level of endings, morphemes, syntactic structure, which is absolutely undoubted. The same is true for the case of Finnish and Finno-Ugric languages, although this comparison explores much older glottological layers and therefore much more complex to understand, but always undoubted (in his own way, Ulehnbech was right). All the ‘’Mediterranean’’ populations mentioned (supposed to be ‘’dark, low, of Middle Eastern origin’’) never existed: agriculture was an absolutely indigenous revolution, and this is demonstrated by both the physiognomy of these ancient farmers which is cro-magnoid, both the plant species they cultivated which are absolutely European and none of oriental origin. I’m sorry for them (the ‘’politically correct’’), but… NEVER ex Oriente Lux, only ab Septemtrione Lux ‘’A blaze from the Nord’’ These ‘’dark’’ elements arrived very later, they are very recent.

However, here is my Paleo-Mesolithic Indo-European Continuity Theory (a preview excerpt of my new essay for you) concerning Urheimat, Urvolk and Ursprache: ‘’the Nordic Culture’’ of Ahernsburg, closely related to those of Komsa and Upper Norway, it is labeled by the Hg R1a1 gene; the Paleolithic Culture of Ahernsburg (about 11200-9500 BC) is the heir of that of Hamburg (about 13500-11200 BC), of which its continuation in the territory (therefore in addition to the Scandinavian one) was the Culture of Bromme (9500- About 9000 BC). Here the new chronological sequence: Hamburg culture, 13500-11200 BC. about; Ahrensburg culture, 11200-9500 BC about; Bromme culture, 9700-9000 BC about; Lyngby culture (Ahrensbug culture + Bromme culture), 11200-9000 BC about. This whole chronological period characterized by the haplogroup R1a1 (Hg1 or Eu18, although I am always on the alert on this issue) comes to maturity with the Culture of the Corded Pottery/Combat Ax (now characterized by the R1b haplotype and sub-clades) through the Mesolithic phase with the Culture of Maglemose (about 7500-6000 BC) and the Kongemose Culture (about 6000-5200 BC), going through the Neolithic phase with the Culture of Ertebølle (about 5300-3950 BC) and the Culture of funnel-shaped vase (about 4000-2700 BC). From the Culture of the funnel-shaped vase derives the culture of corded ceramics (3200-1800 BC approximately), and from the latter that of the bell-shaped glass (2600-1900 BC approximately), which in turn would have evolved into that of Únětice (2300 -1600 BC approximately), from this still in that of the mounds (1600-1200 BC) and finally in that of the urn fields (1200-750 BC approximately, with pre-phase from about 1300 BC), from which still the Cultures Hallstatt (circa 1200-500 BC) and La Tène (circa VI-I century BC)’’. Not to mention that it was precisely the researchers of the haplogroups who agreed that the Etruscans mostly presented R1b, the same marker of the Roman, Celtic and continental Germans. And again, what we learn from reading these texts of mine brings back without any misunderstanding and doubt to the most obscure and remote Indo-European cultural atavism, dating back to the time of European megalithic culture, archaeological Cultures on which I have written many pages, quite well known in the academic and even outside of it. In this regard, see my article published in the journal of anthropological studies Axis Mundi, entitled L’Urvolk della Cultura megalitica and del bicchiere campaniforme: un’Europa indoeuropea ab imis ‘’The Urvolk of megalithic Culture and the bell-shaped glass: an Indo-European Europe since the origins’’, of which I report an excerpt (my article is still available on the internet , but in Italian): ‘’…European megalithism, understood as a Uranian/Uranic cult manifestation of the passage to the celestial sphere of the spirit of the deceased, and therefore as an earthly home and portal for the deceased, has a remote origin that unites all Indo-European peoples scattered throughout Europe since the remotest prehistory of the continent. In the South of Scandinavia, in Denmark, in the North of Germany and in Polish Pomerania, different Cultures developed one after the other starting from the Mesolithic and known in Archeology as the Maglemose Culture, the Ertebølle Culture (village of Denmark), Funnel-shaped vase Culture (Trichterbecherkultur from about 4000 to 2700 BC), the two superimposed Cultures of the Corded pottery/battle ax and the Globular Amphora (from 3200 to 1800 BC, therefore during the late Neolithic, the Chalcolithic and the early age of the Bronze Age) and finally that which also affected Sicily during the third millennium BC with the well-known dolmens and the typical material culture, that is the Bell-shaped glass Culture, spread from Central-Northern Europe from 2900/2800 up to 1800 BC. Starting from this ancestral Nordic seat in the remote Mesolithic, a funerary model particularly suited to the religion of the Indo-European peoples developed and gradually spread to the rest of Europe, a patriarchal, father-descending, warrior lineage aimed at solar and celestial cults, of which Swastika was its symbol’’.

And so now I show you one thing for the occasion, something very precious and very important. In paragraph 8th of Heimskringla, Lagasetning Óðins ‘’The law of the Father of All’’, a text written by Snorri Sturluson in the thirteenth century, we read as follows: En eptir göfga menn skyldi haug gera til minningar; en eptir alla þá menn, er nökkut mannsmót var at, skyldi reisa bautasteina; ok hélzt sjá siðr lengi síðan. ‘’A memorial mound should be erected for illustrious men; for all other men who have distinguished themselves for their virility, a stone stele should be erected; and that custom persisted for a long time’’ (translation by Daudeferd).
The ritual/ideological content of the lectio extrapolated from the Ynglingar Saga can be traced once again in the Ljóða Edda, precisely in Hávamál’s verse 72:

Sonr er betri,
þótt sé síð of alinn
eftir genginn guma;
sjaldan bautarsteinar
standa brautu nær,
nema reisi niðr at nið.

‘’Better is a child
even if born posthumously
after the father has gone;
the stalks of stone are seldom
they rise along the road,
if it is not the kinsman who raises them to the kinsman’’.
(translation by Daudeferd)

This is our Tradition. I repeat again: ab Septemtrione Lux ‘’A blaze from the North’’. I used for the occasion two lectiones (textual extrapolations) from the two Eddas, which, be aware, are still texts that must always be taken with due caution, because they were written by two christians, with a marked and strong anti-heathen feelings, typical of their… late era, in which evemerism had already left trails of destruction for centuries (if at the beginning, in the Hellenistic period, it arose as a current of thought tending to the way of giving a ‘’physical explanation’’ to Gods and their Will -something wrong from the start-, already at the time of Diodorus Siculus, in the first century BC, it touched a bit too excessive limits, until it then became in Christian practice a way to totally destroy our glorious past and our Tradition, which not only Snorri or Saemundr did in the Middle Ages, but even before many copyists, including Fredegarius of the Franks etc.). Everything must therefore always be taken with due consideration of the time and of the authors, who if too many ancients have also been subjected to amanuensis tampering. In fact, this factor was also one of Julius Evola’s many fears about traditional heathen reconstructionism in Europe (as explained in L’Equivoco del nuovo paganesimo ‘’The misunderstanding of neo-paganism’’, sadly in opposition to Rosenberg’s certain naivety albeit benevolent). We must be careful and above all always refute the texts with the comparisons coming from the various scientific fields: Philology, Archeology, Anthropology etc.

What’s your opinion on the theories of the establishment of Aryan peoples in ancient Egypt, especially among the upper, ruling classes? Could this explain the uncertain origin of some dynasties such as that of the Hyksos?

Not really, I am skeptical on many points of the question. First of all, it is good to define the ancient Egyptian ethnos. In North Africa, when it was still a forest area, therefore in the times before the last glaciation, it was seasonally reached by the Cro-Magnons, coming from the Strait of Gibraltar (and who were already sailing), part of which then became the blond Libues of the ancient Egyptian sources, others reached the Canaries (the Guanches). The petroglyphs (signs and drawings on rocks) of the Sahara are their legacy, and many Berbers currently have quite a few European traits (blond hair in childhood, light eyes and lighter skin, expecially the Mechta Afalou among the Berberid types), although now mixed with many non-European genes. When the Sahara from a forest area approached the ecosystem of the Savannah, passing from the prairie stage (therefore arable area), around the VIII-VI millennium BC, it was joined by a population of Mesopotamian origins, not Semitic, a group in itself , those of the future culture of Naqada, which brachymorphs crania (with short cranium), short in stature and frail, with an olive (tanned) complexion were the first nucleus of Egyptian Culture. The mastabas, the royal tombs of the Naqada Culture (4th millennium BC), were the models of the future pyramids of the successive pharaohs, at the time when the various territorial cantons were unified (starting with Narmer, the one who united Upper and Lower Egypt, in whose headdress he united the cults of Seth and Horus). The ancient Egyptians came into contact several times with groups of Nordic origin, starting with those already present in North Africa, and of the Mediterranean Sea, up to direct contact with the Indo-Europeans (Achaeans, Hittites, Aryans of the Kingdom of Mitanni, Cimmerians, Scythians, Medes and Persians), but only starting from the Persian conquest in the sixth century B.C. that land was ruled by Indo-Europeans, therefore by Nordics, and this until the Roman and then Byzantine times, until the region was conquered by the Islamic advance (cultural domination that lasts until today). I mean: there have been no ethnic mergers in that land, if not starting from Islamic domination; the Egyptians have always shown a certain extraneousness on an ethnic level towards any ruler and towards foreigners in general. At the time of the Macedonian Ptolemies, the Helleno-phone community (speaking Greek language) lived like all the others, separated from the rest of the indigenous, id est Egyptian population. Therefore we can only speak of cultural influences and that’s it. The languages ​​in use in that territory are proof of this: there have never been creolizations, and the same religious syncretisms were made by the Indo-Europeans (Hellenes and Romans) only for themselves, not for the Egyptians, who remained absolutely foreign to it (it was the way for Hellenes and Romans to investigate the mysteries of their own religion in other regions, it was not an assimilation). The Hellenes and Roman colonists in their time continued to speak their native language, practiced their original religion, lived in areas where they were always in contact with their relatives, therefore never merged with the natives. Relations between Egypt and Rome were possible because the Ptolemies, the Lagids, were Europeans, Macedonians. And even before that certain syncretisms such as the cult of Ammon were possible for Alexander III (better known as Alexander the Great) due to an already secular Persian mediation: Alexander III felt heir to the power of a Persian dynasty and therefore of a cultural baggage of Nordic Weltanschauung, not Hamito-Egyptian. The Egyptians have always learned from the Indo-Europeans all the technological innovations, especially military ones, such as the use of horses in war, metallurgy etc. There were no ‘’Aryans’’ Egyptians, if anything influenced by the Aryans, or by the Nordics in a general sense. The discovery of oblong skulls, with induced dolichomorphy is certainly a glaring example: no natural Nordic dolichomorphic skull (‘’long skulls’’) has ever been found among the pharaonic families, but artificially made dolichomorphic skulls yes (as well as among certain sub-Saharan Negroid populations and among the so-called pre-Columbian peoples of Central and South America); and this is because the noble class tried to imitate the Nordics also in their appearance because they believed that the more they resembled the Nordics, the more they would be similar to them in ingenuity. The Nordics therefore were a model. Yes, it is also said that Akhenaten’s wife was Nordic, of Hittite origins, but this is always and only a beautiful ‘’story’’, of which it is difficult to ascertain, however, the veracity (same thing goes for the wife of Ramses II) . As for the Hyksos who vexed Egypt by making it capitulate to the Interregnum (or Middle Kingdom), it is known that they made use of horses, and horses were domesticated by the Indo-Europeans. About them, there are those who claim they were Indo-Europeans (but on the basis of what? Only the horses?). And there are those who say they were Semites (but always on the basis of what? Nothing at all?). What if the Hyksos were neither Indo-Europeans nor Semites (Canaanites, Amorites), but other lineage always influenced by the Indo-Europeans (such as the Hurrians/Hurrites)? This is probable, given the great influence exerted by the Hittites and the Aryans of the Kingdom of Mitanni in Mesopotamia during the second millennium BC. (starting precisely from the 19th-18th century BC). Many non-Aryan peoples, many of them Semitic, learned from the Aryan peoples, such as the Assyrians, the Babylonians etc. The Assyrian cavalry owes its birth to the cultural influence of the Indo-Europeans, as well as the Egyptians themselves, since the horses come from Europe and also in the Russian steppes were imported there by the Indo-Europeans (from the Srednij-Stog Culture, starting from the 5th millennium BC). If first I do not see a single skull of the Hyksos, if first I do not read a single semantic root referable to the language of the Hyksos, my every attempt at classification is null. Manetho, who, in the third century. B.C., mentioned them in his History of Egypt, he did not give us useful information for a precise ethnic classification. Manetho provides us, for example, with the data relating to the establishment in the Nile Delta, where the Hyksos established their settlement, of the cult of Seth by the Hyksos themselves, but this is the association made by Manetho between the cult of the Hyksos and the Egyptian correspondent: we do not know, for example, if the Hyksos turned this cult to Hadad, from whose theonym (‘’name of a Deity’’) it would easily make us go back to the Semitic Amorites, or if they turned this cult to Baal (not exactly comparable to Seth), from whose theonym it would lead us directly to the Canaanite Semitics, or if they turned this cult to Teshup (which in any case has characters different from Seth), from whose theonym we would arrive at the solution of the problem by classifying these Hyksos as Hurrites once and for all. Therefore my judgment remains pending.

As an Italian, are you interested in Julius Evola’s teachings? What’s your opinion on his views on traditionalism and paganism?

Julius Evola is the basis of my education, a cultural and spiritual father, without a doubt. But the fact is that many say they have studied Evola, without having understood anything. Therefore, at least here in Italy, there are evolian and anti-evolian factions, of which however no one has understood what the great Evola meant with the catastrophic consequences that everyone tells lies and nonsense that the good Evola would never have dreamed of saying, just he who was absolutely trained in every area of ​​the traditional discipline. Evola intuited, analyzed, classified and argued every aspect of Indo-European and Nordic traditionalism, but also of other spheres, in an absolutely precise, perfect way, without whose brilliant elaboration today it would be even impossible to understand: from the Germanic Tradition to the Roman and Italic, Hellenic, Indo-Iranian etc. Only he has well understood certain aspects that no anthropologist, archaeologist, philologist would ever have succeeded in. He was simply an enlightened one. He obviously had certain resentments towards all those who tried to ‘’experiment’’ starting from nothing and thus coming to believe in ‘’nothing’’. And on this he had also anticipated my battle against this stupid and hideous New Age. He had also intuited and classified all the undue appropriations by Christianity of the pre-Christian cultural substratum, that is pagan, saying that certain things that could appear ‘’tempting’’ to a virile European in Christianity are actually ‘’pagan’’ acquisitions, undue, stolen, by Christianity itself (just read Julius Evola’s Imperialismo Pagano ‘’The Pagan Empire’’). And this is simply true, as even R. Wagner understood it. Evola was afraid that certain ‘’neo-pagan’’ reconstructions (such as those of the great Rosenberg) could lead to something naively falsified and therefore lead to a real destruction of the true Nordic, Olympic, Indo-European Heathen Tradition. And on this too he was right, although I appreciate the genuineness of the propositions of Alfred Rosenberg, who was a pagan in his heart, but could go the wrong way by not following the precepts of traditional correctness, which he did not know, but Evola did. Evola was in fact angry that the word ‘’pagan’’ was also used because he knew well that with that word Christians branded us as ‘’superstitions and illiterate peasant people’’ (just read Julius Evola’s Sull’equivoco del nuovo Paganesimo ‘’About the misunderstanding of the new Paganism’’). Evola instead preferred the term ‘’heathen’’, which indicated ethnos. And he was right about that too. Evola wanted ‘’Ario’’ (Aryan) to indicate not only the mere phenotypic prerequisite, but also the psychic, mental one: in short, a good example of an Aryan is one who has the original physiognomic traits but who also behaves according to appropriate ancestral models. And he was right about that too. An unaltered genetic code produces a healthy interior and envelope: a depraved Nordic is a worse ruin than a non-Nordic with an ape-like appearance and an even more bestial behavior; from the second you expect it, but from the first case it is disappointment. This, for example, was perfectly illustrated in the paragraph Sul significato di Ario ‘’About the meaning of Aryan’’ in La razza iperborea e le sue ramificazioni ‘’The hyperborean race and its developments’’. Then, I prefer both ‘’pagan’’ and ‘’heathen’’, and this is because I feel linked to the forest, to the moor, far from positivist and scientist modernism, far from ghettoizing Levantine urbanism; but also heathen because the cult of blood and race is essential, first of all. But that has to happen in the moor. Speaking of Evola by two lines is absolutely impossible. I advise you to read all of Evola (no about Evola), all of Rosenberg (not about Rosenberg) and so continue with all the others. Over time you yourselves will mature your Weltanschauung, and so we will all find ourselves united, close-knit, as Ethnos in our land to be defended and cared for in the name of our Nordic Tradition.

As a heathen yourself, what’s your appreciation of the current pagan revival in certain parts of Europe? Are you familiar with the Rodnovery movement in Slavonic lands?

Of course, I am heathen, purely heathen, and then also a pagan, purely pagan: I am a follower, keeper and soldier of the Nordic Tradition. I love the Slavonic culture too, their ancestral tradition, which I always consult in my textual excursus about comparisons. I love the Indo-European Tradition in general, but the Slavonic one has a particular place in my heart: Perun, Svarog (the kingdom of God Indra in the Aryan-Hindu Tradition is called Svarga; and the cosmic Serpent Zmaj that Svarog lands and relegates him to the Kingdom of the dead to punish the wicked perfectly refers to the cosmic Serpent of the Germanic Tradition, Nidhöggr, which punishes the wicked in Naastrond), the three Kingdoms Jav, Prav, Nav etc. They are always on my mind. I don’t know the Rodnovery movement, unfortunely, and I don’t know the members in person as well. I can only say that in the Slavic lands there is greater seriousness, greater consistency, greater dedication and inclination towards understanding the true Indo-European Tradition, something that I do not almost always find in Western Europe where disgusting distortions hide among the naïve with good intentions, depraved by clear Levantine, Masonic and Crowleyan matrix, with whom I unfortunately clashed until very recently: I hate them to death. Actually, I would go on a ‘’crusade’’ against these impostors. In Italy we have examples from all over, especially from the Norse-Viking environment, where without having any knowledge, sometimes even starting from the Italian language, they improvise all and all connoisseurs of Runic glyphs, ancient Germanic languages, Norse history, actually committing obscenities of all kinds, which I don’t even want to talk about: simply typically anti-traditional filth, all in line with the cultural destruction wrought by lobbies through television products such as ‘’Vikings’’, ‘’Rome’’, ‘’Game of Thrones’’, HBO crap, etc. (strange case, the only series of this genre, ‘’The Last Kingdom’’, I do not say it is perfectly historical but which is closer to reality and above all free from pornographic filth completely insane and illogical for that time, here in Italy is broadcasted on television almost ‘’secretly’’, at 5 or 6 AM, so that no one can see, while all the sodomitic filth mentioned earlier at 9 PM so that everyone is obliged to see them, with all their dirty subliminal messages). This is not only ridiculous, but infamous, harmful, irreverent, offensive, monstrous . Looking at them, some idiots I ran into, they looked like pigs to be slaughtered, not Europeans. Without culture, without knowing their own cantonal language, they tried to tell me, that I spent my whole life in the study, nonsense about the Norse language, falsehood about Runic glyphs and about the wonderful Norse Culture, which they also reduced role-playing games in which ‘’priests’’ improvise themselves as celebrators of homosexual and interracial marriages. Their faces already reminded me of some Levantine figure in bad taste, then these acts of theirs. All of these declare themselves either on the left or ‘’apolitical’’ (to conceal the true liberal origin of their Crowleyan or even Wiccan psycho-sects), when Heathenism is the Religion of the Blood, properly Bloodtheism (like the name of the Arditi album), it is the call of the Blood. It is all fashion and therefore I hope it will pass quickly. There are those who even form ‘’centers of worship’’ aimed only at the Vanir, introducing things that are completely foreign and completely misleading to ancient customs, offending the Gods, morals, Tradition; and there are those who also form ‘’cult centers’’ aimed at the Jötnar, the Giants, introducing truly crazy beliefs, never existed, therefore without any foundation, or fully imbued with alien elements of Levantine origin of clear matrix and kabbalistic exaltation, just to do their stupid and sick ‘’role playing’’ games. And then, of course, these are all feminists, homophiles, anti-racists, Crowleyans, covertly or freely Freemasons… you really can’t stand it anymore, they really suck. Ignorant and depraved children of the modern and Zionist, Freudian world. Here, these are simply Freudian beasts. In Italy, unfortunately, we have examples of this kind: who improvises himself as ‘’modern Viking’’, who as ‘’neo-pagan priest’’, who racist anthropologist, who mixes ‘’extraterrestrial aliens’’ with all this, etc. But all basically a bunch of ignoramuses. In short, I don’t want to have anything to do with these here, also because I don’t want to go to jail for first degree murder because of these filthy lousy bastards, culture distortions and infamous agents of anti-Tradition (as the good Francis Parker Yockey defined them in his essential essay ‘’Imperium’’), just a great mass of insignificant scoundrels. I prefer to stay away and alone, in the woods, silent, listening to the whispers of Nature and thanking the Gods for giving me this noble opportunity. I will find out more about the heathen-Slavonic group Rodnovery, and indeed if they are in line with my thinking, welcome. I will give them the just and warm welcome as a brother: Slava! Honor!

Alfred Rosenberg stated that “soul means race viewed from within, and, vice-versa, race is the externalization of soul”, which clearly contradicts the System’s mantras about equality, social constructionism and other related nonsense. What’s your opinion on this affirmation?

Simply, the good Rosenberg was and is absolutely right. The fact is that the dialectic between Evola and Rosenberg is in itself the solution to the problem: the synthesis, born as a clash between thesis and antithesis. This too falls within our logic dictated by the Nordic Weltanschauung (Indo-European or Cro-Magnon/Nordic): a dichotomy, of course, contentious, but at the same time resolving the question; on the one hand, Julius Evola, very rigorous, uncompromising who wanted to get as close to the theoretical purity of Tradition as possible, precisely through theory, an iron system of analysis, of conceptualization before venturing into specific implementation; on the other hand, the good Rosenberg who sought at all costs the practice, the implementation of the Ancient Tradition, without having first respected all the trappings of theoretical research. Sure, the two respected, honored and fought hard at the same time, but I have both fraternally reconciled in my heart. I like both Evola’s rigor (essential) and Rosenberg’s good optimism (which in any case keeps us going happily, briskly, with lots of good intentions and lots of good hope). In the previous answers I have in fact clarified the concept of Weltanschauung and Tradition. Of course, our soul expresses a racial reality, without any doubt, and the Culture derives from this genetic predetermination. The superstructure that the globalists speak of is just the same idea of ​​anti-Culture and anti-Tradition: to be conditioned by the superstructure, which is simply imposition, means to live as slaves perpetually prey to schizophrenia. Culture is the implementation of the collective, racial sub-conscious, and our souls move bodies, our bodies, which have been created on purpose from a precise racial spiritual essence. I think this because I am heathen, therefore religious and therefore creationist. But an atheist, who thinks only of the intellectual sphere as the product of a certain material substrate organized in a certain natural way, would be forced to say the same thing: certain genes that determine a predefined physical form at the same time give rise to a predefined intellectual form, made it especially for that physical type. Only a typical moron on the left denies this, in an absolutely illogical way. No one is the same, the DNA is not the same, not even between twins, although similar but not identical, totally identical, and the predisposition for the fusion of genetic material varies from flower to flower in the same plant. What these anti-traditional liberalists want is that humanity becomes an indistinct mass passing through various degrees: all children of the Jewish god, all proletarians, all apes, all genetically modifiable, all without dignity, meaning and value of existence, all Freudian sick beasts, all of them produced for the good and profitable consumption of their large companies. That’s all. Those on the left simply took this ‘’medicine’’ and were the first to become the flock of these villains. We are what is written in our genetic code, which in turn, since matter is a different aspect of energy, is the product of a higher spiritual quality: an energy that flows in a system of organized matter made specifically to carry out this task; thoughts, emotions, reasonings, are all flows of energy that do not have a chemical composition, have no atoms or electrons, but use the matter of which we are made to be implemented in the surrounding material world, in the Midhgardh, therefore of nerve cells, of their synaptic connections, of our body in general, of all this envelope of flesh made of cells, molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles which, organized in an absolutely unique, preordained and predefined way, make what we are, distinct, special individuals, just as the Gods want us and we must be proud of being such. In the Weltanschauung the active forces (perceptive, sensitive/sentient, cognitive, intellectual) and passive (emotional) forces form an organ that constantly feeds the developing individual psychic sphere, thus proceeding in the affirmation of one’s individuality and in the understanding of existence. All this is predetermined, inscribed in its genetic makeup: each people has its Weltanschauung, just as each people has its specific physiognomic traits. Therefore, spirituality and culture are specific to each human group, inalienable, just like the characterizing physiognomic traits, all originating in a predetermined way from the possessed and generating genetic makeup: spirituality and culture originate in a people in a way predetermined by perceiving, by feeling, from the understanding, from the concatenation and interaction of all the intellectual processes and from the concatenation and interaction of all the emotional processes that have come from the genetic makeup in the psychic sphere. The Weltanschauung is therefore ethnos, therefore the original language is ethnos: a bond, an absolutely inseparable one-to-one correspondence.

Europe is probably facing the worst scenario in History, with enemies attacking both from the outside and the inside of our countries’ structures. Many still believe in parliamentarism and have hope in the rise of so-called far-right parties. Do you think Europeans will be able to reverse the current situation by conventional political ways?

Just to always be honest, I am very pessimistic in this, that is to say, a realist. Modern society, the ‘’new humanity’’, modern, of this ‘’New Order’’, is the worst that could be achieved after centuries of moral and physical decline due to anti-traditional elements alien to the very nature of Europeans: judeo-Christianity, capitalism, rationalism, positivism, scientism, Bolshevism have made the variegated humanity of the beginnings become an indistinct, muddy and smelly whole, a Moloch, a monster dedicated to the vilification of the sacred principles, of the sacred values ​​of existence, not only of life (dirtying one’s body means dirty one’s soul). By now the cancer is in the phase of metastasis, so it is really difficult to be able to return to a situation that could offer us any improvement. A truly unworthy humanity, which no longer knows what Dignity is (id est the ‘’Fire of the Gods’’, the ‘’Sacredness of the Soul’’), which no longer knows what Value is (id est the ‘’Feel the Force’’ in their lymphatic vessels), who no longer knows what modesty, respect, Honor, Loyalty, Courage, Truth are (which they made neutral to the senses through relativism, which makes the grin at the monkey), he can no longer return to that rigor, to that inner work that makes one rise upwards and therefore regain the healthy traditional principles. All of us traditionalists are forced to hide, always, every moment of our life, to escape the constant attacks and their stupid hunts for the ‘’sorcerers’’, the ‘’infectors’’. Who is like us knows what I mean: we are pointed out as ‘’bad’’, ‘’crazy’’, ‘’not intelligent’’, ‘’anti-social and anti-social outcasts’’, in short, all the worst, when we are instead just what is sung in the song by Gesta Bellica, Fiori nel deserto ‘’Flowers in the desert’’ (as Julius Evola said in Orientamenti ‘’Teachings’’: “in a political, social and cultural system such as this, the only way to remain pure is to be asocial”. Just the way they want it. They always and everywhere hunt us, and have the sole intent of annihilating us. They never look at our feelings, they never think about our words, because in reality they are all literally programmed to harm us: we are the enemies of the system, of their world and therefore we must be eliminated. So, if everything they do is against us, pitting us against anyone, even our families, through an information system that is nothing short of a true mind (aren’t you in favor of interracial marriages? You are a fascist and you must die. Are you not in favor of their homosexualism -which is precisely the imposition of homosexuality- forced at all costs? So you are ‘’mentally-ill’’, an ‘’ill’’ fascist, so you must die) difficult to be able to return to reason the beast-Freudian man they created. I also think that we are lucky in our sad misfortune: we are still safe, because we are not sick, because we are healthy, and for this we have to thank the Gods. We are not their beasts of consumption, their beasts of slaughter, and we never will be. This pushes those who command them to annihilate us. I do like Evola, who in turn did like the good Epicurus: lathe biosas ‘’live hidden’’, being ‘’asocial’’. I can’t tell you anything else. In the past I have tried various political confrontations, but I have always left disappointed, even and above all by those who felt they were of the radical Right and were much worse than those of the radical Left, having the worst vices of those. The parliamentarian, at least here in Italy, has been there for decades. But what it led to: just go and see what happened to the old MSI (Movimento Sociale Italiano ‘’Italian Social Movement’’), Forza Nuova and all the others. Yes, it could be a ‘’very modest’’ solution to be present in Parliament and thus not give it to those truly unleashed madmen of the left, always present to make an uproar with soft drugs, gay pride, feminism and welcome to all the sub- scum. human, and always to the detriment of a state and a society that are going to hell, with a low GDP, without employment, without culture, etc. Ah, for those on the left, ‘’Culture’’ is: multi-racial and sexual freedom. What a crap!!

Do you think that third position parties in Europe should focus more on the historical, cultural and philosophical formation of their militants than pure political and social matters?

Of course, absolutely. The Third Position is the praxis of the Indo-European theoretical trifunctionalism: all three classes participate in harmony and thus the true Republic of Plato is realized, namely corporatism and social Darwinism. Logically, one would have an absolutely healthy, vigorous, determined, loyal society, without unemployment, without subsidies, but very operational, efficient, virile, polite, glorious, practically the exact opposite of this youth, that using this holy word is only a waste and a vile blasphemy, as it should be defined simply as a reluctant puke of depravity. The Third Position foresees Culture and operation, theory and practice, study and work. Better than this…

In order to rebuild a once again healthy and strong society, current values and beliefs should be utterly replaced by completely different ethics. How do you envision the return to traditional European societies? Do you agree with the use of eugenics, social stratification (in some kind of caste system) and other similar means with the purpose of restoring order?

I have already answered this question in the previous one. But I will tell you again, the Third Position sets everything according to the Indo-European Weltanschauung (or Nordic/European, if you prefer, since I always include you too), so there would no longer be this society of schizophrenics. But they shouldn’t be there, at all. But how could one or one of these idiots become ‘’healthy, vigorous and determined’’? It is therefore necessary to operate on a healthy layer, not yet corrupted and which would never be corrupted, disciplined from the earliest childhood, a period in which the boy or girl would already show these characteristics, these attitudes totally in line with Tradition. There is obviously also the corroboration by healthy education. Traditionalist parents would give a great contribution to their children, but the fight, indeed the war will be tough, since then these children once out of the house, from the schools to the squares, would find themselves surrounded by these zombies who would try to suck their blood. I know, it’s hard, very hard, but you have to react and fight until the end. Every attempt is our duty and our honor. Everything we see, even in our closest relatives, if it is already corrupt, any attempt would be useless, just useless. Eugenics is already inherent in the Indo-European Weltanschauung. I am certainly talking about absolutely natural eugenics: Natura Duce ‘’as Nature commands’’. But remember, first: Mother Nature is Eugenics in Herself. Healthy parents make healthy children and so on. Our Tradition wants us to be healthy and strong, not weak and depraved like the subversions of the natural order, like the distortions of culture, like the lobbies that plague the modern world with their mental poisons. The Third Position, or Indo-European trifunctionalism, promises a dynamic, operative, harmonious society, just like the ancient, Norse, Celtic, Italic, Hellenic, etc. The caste system was only possible when the Aryans-Hindus descended into the Indian sub-continent to conquer the lands of the Dasa, the non-Aryans, in the first phase of the Bronze Age. As long as the Aryans-Hindus were one with the Medes-Persians in the Afanasevo Culture (3500-2200 / 2000 BC), they did not have varna ‘’colours’’, or ‘’castes’’; just as they did not have ‘’castes’’ at the time of the split from the Medes-Persians in the cultural phase of Andronovo (2200 / 2000-1200 BC); and just as they did not have them precisely in Pamir and Hindu-Kush at the beginning of their arrival from the North. But starting from Punjab, they gradually conquered the lands from their enemies were forced to impose the caste hierarchies: Brahmana, Kshatrya, Vaisha, Shudra and Paria. But this did not work, since it was precisely from the Vaisha, which welcomed both Aryan and non-Aryan elements, that the whole was destroyed; and today there are only a few surviving Aryans (only in Northern India).

If I’m not mistaken, you’re also very interested in runology. Could you recommend some good book(s) on this topic for those interested?

This is the hardest question to answer, at least by a simple answer. My whole life would not be enough to answer you, believe me, since the Runes are part of my existence, they have always accompanied me and will always be at the center of my cults, of all my intellectual faculties and all my physiological functions. Runes are in my spirit and in my body. I study them, I contemplate them and have always and always worshiped them. They concern every aspect of my existence. I have collected a lot of data on them and I have written a lot, but I have never published anything up to now, if not a few hints here and there in my essays, and this also out of a question of respect for the Sacred. I have also read many books on the subject, but it is really difficult to find a book that collects all the precise data on just one aspect of them; indeed, data are collected everywhere, from 100 or 1000 books, and only through a dense and rigid comparison can one reach the understanding of a specific and significant trait. Many of these books give you some interesting and true data, and then all the rest is no longer needed. But this involves an enormous waste of energy, time and economic resources. The study, if it is serious, is this unfortunately. In my opinion, the only one who in our time has truly understood how things really are is Varg Vikernes, the only truly, great pious man and devoted to the Nordic Tradition. But many ‘’great Professors’’ of Universities are just donkeys and nothing else. To attribute the origin of the Runes to the Northern Etruscan alphabet, to the Venetian variety, as Aldo Luigi Prosdocimi did, is an authentic madness, as well as an act of asinine ignorance. The Hallristningar, or the petroglyphs ‘’rock carved signs’’ of the prehistoric Scandinavian Cultures that go down to the Paleolithic, are a clear and direct demonstration of this. The Runes have absolutely European, Nordic origins, and this is also demonstrated by the comparison of the ancestral semantic roots that make up the various names of the Runes. On this topic you might be interested in the magnificent book by Einar Schilling -Runenkunde: a study on the Runes-; as well as interesting, but always read with a certain openness to comparison, the text by Guido von List -The Secret of the Runes- (however, we must also take into account List’s cultural background, between theosophy and Rosicrucian speculations); or again, especially as regards the in-depth analysis on ancestral semantic roots, but always with a certain caution, the text by Mario Polia – The Runes and the Gods of the North -. The texts of Varg Vikernes are always illuminating, correct, precise, detailed, therefore their reading is absolutely essential and reliable. Varg Vikernes is a pure person, just like me: a beautiful soul who makes a good heart beat, dedicated to family, to children, a true case of mens sana in sano corpore ‘’a healthy mind in a healthy body’’. Indeed, if he reads this interview, I take this opportunity to extend a warm greeting and my admiration to him. Returning to the Runes, I can add that in truth even the Latin alphabet, which we all use every day in the western part of our beloved and tormented Europe, has European origins, like the Greek one. In fact, I talk about this in my books. The Phoenicians did not invent anything, absolutely nothing. In practice this has happened: signs that acted as symbols circulated throughout Europe starting from the Paleolithic, these signs-symbols have emerged in various forms in the different European civilizations, of which the majority of the attestations we have through the Neolithic cultures of the Danube valleys, id est the Cultures of Lepenski Vir, Vincha, Tartaria etc. I have even found them in northern Italy. One of these Neolithic farming peoples migrated southwards, passing from Sesklo, Dimini (Thessaly, Greece), crossing the Hellenic peninsula and reaching the Cyclades archipelago and Crete, where it had its permanent home: the Eteo-Cretans of Linear A, the writing bearing these symbolic signs. These symbolic signs were acquired by the Hellenes Achaeans in the 15th century. BC, once the island was conquered, who then imported them to Egypt; in Egypt, once the Achaean palatial civilization disappeared, these signs were learned by the Phoenicians who in their crossings took them everywhere in the Mediterranean basin, but without actually spreading them. The Phoenicians never produced literature and limited themselves to tracing personal names or at most indicate the contents of the vases. The relations with the Hellenic peninsula brought back what the Hellenes had lost and so the Hellenes got back their ancient alphabet which from Linear B had now reached their version. The famous A that we all write does not come from Phoenician ‘’aleph’’ (cattle), but from the representation of an upside down bovid head that was traced as an apotropaic-ritual symbol in Europe 8,000 years ago. This is the reality of the facts. Relying only on what is written in the ‘’convenience’’ books is of little use. There have been very ancient Cultures, even Mesolithic ones that have really amazing things and that nobody knows or dares to know. The Phoenicians were only traders, not scholars, not scientists or writers. The same semantic root of the Rune Ansuz, for example, although its phoneme is a in the ancient Futhark and o/ö in the recent Futhark, refers to a very different meaning, such as ‘’breath/vital breath’’, therefore ‘’Spirit’’. This is enough to point out the differentiation and the singular phenomenology of the Runic series with respect to the other families of symbol-signs. Another example. I use in the symbolic identification of my name, Daudeferd, a Runic glyph taken from the Futhorc, that is Cweordh which indicates the ‘’Fire’’ and its phoneme is kw, the tenuous labio-velar (id est ‘’q’’). Apparently, the glyph of Cweordh looks like a variant of the glyph of Pertho, indicating the ‘’Journey’’, but it is not: Cweordh, if you look closely at the glyph, represents two arms holding a wooden rod in the act of lighting fire, and therefore Cweordh has a Luciferian significance. It indicates ‘’enlightenment’’, ‘’intelligence’’. My name, Daudeferd, is joined by the Wheel of the Sun and the runic glyph Cweordh.

Thanks for your time, Daudeferd. The last words are yours.

First of all, thank you for the wonderful interview. Such a great interview is an honor to receive. Dealing with intelligent and sensitive people like you is a great honor for me that I hope I have reciprocated in the right way. Of course, each topic has been treated in a very approximate, very succinct form, but it is still an interview and I cannot afford to dwell on pages and pages, eventually writing another book. We live in a truly terrible time, but we are in the Kali Yuga and therefore we have to get over it: the Sauvastika, the left-handed Swastika makes its inexorable motion, the anacyclosis, but we know that destruction is also katharsis, purification, and from Nigredo through Albedo we reach Rubedo, the solar Immortality. In the meantime, on the internet I have seen and read a little about the Rodnovery movement, and I have seen that they are totally in line with my thoughts and morals, so I express my warm affection and my strong solidarity with the members of the movement. I also take this opportunity to give my comfort, warmth and solidarity to the Ukrainian Comrades, brothers and sisters, and also to the Russians, who due to the strong powers, such as the two world mafias, one capitalist-democratic-liberal, the other oligarchic communist, because of these losers they are suffering bitter war, hunger, the destruction of their homes, and worse of their families and their lives. But this is the price that we white Europeans have to pay because of these alien and ill-grateful to Europe, these hated by our lineage. And then, I take advantage of this ‘’freedom’’ granted to us in the West to say this: Vercingetorix, King of the Celts Arverni, offered his neck to Caesar to save his folk, Duketius, the Dux of the Sikels, did the same thing centuries earlier, but Zelensky obviously not, as he spares no one, simply because Ukranians, and European in general, are absolutelly NOT his folk. He follows his Talmud which simply says to think of himself, of his profits in the name of yahweh.
We join brothers, Ukrainians, Russians, all Europeans. As the good Vikernes wrote: ‘’Europe is a biological concept not a simple geographical expression’’. I speak in the name of the sacred and holy brotherhood between Europeans, children of the same lineage… the Nordic race.

To the Comrades, to the readers of this interview, I address my fraternal greetings. Who is interested in my study can get in touch with me at the following address:

Honor and Loyalty (and to you, great Comrade of Herrenblut, Lauburu).
Fraternally yours, Daudeferd.

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  1. Very interesting. North America has nothing on Europe when it comes to Hyperborean gnosis

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