Interview: Andreas Johansson (Nordic Resistance Movement)

Greetings, Andreas. Please introduce yourself to the readers. How did you become a National Socialist and how did you get involved in the Nordic Resistance Movement?

Well met. My name is Andreas, I am a member of the Swedish branch of Nordic Resistance Movement and I host its English speaking podcast Nordic Frontier, where we aspire to reach out globally with our message. The message of Nordic National Socialism.

Compared to many of my comrades, National Socialism came late into my life. I lead quite the decadent life in my youth, wasting many years on partying, consuming large amounts of brainwashing media and just filling my head with nonsense. I was always a searcher and then eventually came a time when I met a good woman (my wife today), settled down somewhat and started taking a serious approach to life. It was during this time that the “truther movement” started really taking off on the internet, I would say around 2010. I started reading a lot of alternative media, watching obscure documentaries and listened to hours upon hours of wild podcasts. This information sent me down into rabbit hole after rabbit hole, investigating everything from David Icke’s lizard people to 9/11 and back again. During this time Red Ice Radio and their guests was a big source of information for me and it literally felt like my mind was being blown on a daily basis.

After a while, this kind of information was getting too abstract. Aliens, lizards and the Illuminati wasn’t real enough. This is the time when I first got into contact with revisionist material and the people who actually question the holocaust. And it was also the first time that I felt wary taking in controversial information and knowing that the 6 million is a hoax changed my life forever. I still remember the day after, going into work knowing that the holocaust didn’t happen. It was a very special feeling.

This was the first push towards actual national socialism, because I asked myself: If Hitler didn’t gas 6 million jews, then what was it he was trying to do? It lead me to “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told”, the documentary of all documentaries by Dennis Wise, which finally made me realize that National Socialism was the answer, the ultimate tool, the natural world view that will transform our people into what it was meant to be. After that I read “Mein Kampf” and further cemented my conviction. Obviously a lot of other things happened along the way, but you could say that the “lizard question” turned into the “jewish question” and made me realize that there are actual individuals responsible for White Genocide.

After realizing this, White Genocide and that National Socialism was the answer, I started looking for something to get involved with. Something true that would bring up and deal with all these issues that I’ve been researching and after not too long I found and the Nordic Resistance Movement. I was impressed by their media platform, how the carried themselves in their activist videos and I also enjoyed listening to their radio. But it wasn’t until they released their party program “Our Path” that I felt that I had to get involved. Here was a document that I could sign on, something that I wanted to work on spreading to all the people of the North.

And that is, in short, how I became a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement in 2016.

During the last years, the Nordic Resistance Movement has been growing and getting stronger in Scandinavia, as well as gaining more and more support throughout Europe. Could you explain a bit about its creation, history and development in the different Nordic countries?

The Movement was created in 1997 by Klas Lund which led the movement up until 2015 when he handed over leadership to Simon Lindberg. It was back then called the Swedish Resistance Movement and was not explicitly National Socialist, but after a few years of expanding and contracting, the movement finally developed a somewhat defined version of Nordic National Socialism. From the beginning Klas Lund had a vision of a united free North which would include Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. These countries would make up what we refer to as the Nordic Nation.

In 2009 a Finnish branch was first created and Antii Niemi is the current chief of that branch today. It has been growing steadily over the years but as you might have heard t has recently been banned by the courts in Finland. We are still waiting to see how this ban will impact us practically, but the struggle continues regardless.

The Norwegian branch of the movement has also had its ups and downs. But it finally had a steady structure in 2011 headed up by Haakon Forwald. They have established themselves well and are currently running 6 different nests all around Norway.

Early efforts starting something in Denmark were made but failed after some time of trying. But new efforts were made recently and we were glad to announce last year that an official branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Denmark is now active. This group of activists have been very hard working since its start up and is growing fast.

We also have an activist group on Iceland that is active, spreading the message and recruiting up there.

In the winter of 2015/2016 the Nordic Resistance Movement launched our parliamentary branch in Sweden and published our party program “Our Path”, which is also available in English. In 2018 we ran in our first general election as a political party after only having focused on street activism for almost 20 years.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is clearly not only a political party. What other activities does it implement outside strict politics? Does the movement organize study groups or lectures dealing topics such as culture, ethics or philosophy? Does it impart some kind of formative courses to its future leaders?

Yes, besides from having rallies, holding speeches and handing out flyers to people we have a strong internal culture where we arrange a variety of different activities. Such as hiking in nature, lectures/seminars dealing with different topics, these activities can be held in local activist groups or national wide with bigger groups.

In the beginning of each year we arrange the “Activist Days”. This is a closed event inviting only active members, focusing of activism, lectures to further the struggle and giving awards to the most active and diligent activists.

Around late summer time we arrange the “Nordic Days”. This is a more open event, inviting outsiders and family members to create more of folk fest. We usually have struggle games, were teams of activists struggle it out in different activities. After all is done, one man will be deemed the “Nord of the Year”. This activity is mixed with speeches, food and music and usually lasts for two days.

What is your opinion about certain populist groups, like for example PEGIDA, which protest against some of the problems of today’s society, like mass immigration, but actually only care about the consequences and do not attack the causes of said problems? Might these organizations be supported, or even created, by the System in order to promote islamophobia and sympathy towards Israel’s criminal politics among Europeans?

Yes, most of these groups are what we call “counter jihadis”, which focuses on “Islam” the religion and not on the “racial strangers”, the ethnic problem. They are a safe way for the powers that be to control the masses, by letting them vent some of their discontent but not letting them get to the core of the matter. In my opinion, these groups should not be supported but focus should be put on letting their followers know the truth. That is, for example, how we are working with people believing that the Sweden Democrats will ever make a difference in the Swedish parliament. We point out to them every time their precious party sells out and more and more people are now seeing through their insincerity.

The issue of controlled opposition is very serious and it exists in all of our countries. Some do it willingly to mislead for some form of reward, others unknowingly thinking that they are doing good. But you will know what kind they are, when you try to enlighten them on why we have mass immigration, why our societies are crumbling and why our “elected leaders” aren’t doing anything to make it better.

I’m also of the opinion that we have no need of “softer options” that will lead people in the right direction. I did not need such an option and I don’t believe we have time to waste on discussing whether the good and the better racial stranger gets to stay within our borders. White Genocide is happening at rapid speed all round the white world and we need to secure our future existence without compromise.

To answer your last question, yes, I believe that this “safe sentiment” is created and supported by international jewry, but to many different ends. Islamophobia is one, but it is also to distract us from zionist genocidal policies, while our countries rot from within. The end game is Kalergi’s wet dream.

Your Movement endorses the idea of uniting Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland in the creation of a new Nordic nation. Is this idea widely accepted in these countries? For example, when the idea of uniting Spain and Portugal has been proposed by National Socialist groups, it has often been rejected and attacked by chauvinist patriots due to their obsolete views…

I have to be honest and say no, I don’t think it is widely accepted or even entertained by the broader masses, let alone the Nationalists. But having said that, the vision of uniting our countries and creating and power house, a safe haven for White Nords, is something that really attracted me to the movement. I feel like we are very far gone in this struggle for survival, the enemies have had a large head start in waging a genocidal war for decades without white people even fighting back. In this globalized world, coming together on a larger scale, that is thinking Race instead of Ethnicity, is something we have to think about. And with the land mass, natural resources and wit of the Nordic people we could make a glorious nation out of this.

Regarding this, I think a country alone could not free itself from the chains of capitalism and resist the attack from the current System, be it economical boycott or even open warfare if necessary, so even if someone does not endorse the idea of creating new “supra-national” States from an ideological point of view, it should still be supported for mere strategic and practical reasons. What is your opinion? Do you think the creation of new geopolitical blocks are the best way to achieve a united National Socialist Europe?

Yes, echoing somewhat of what I was saying above, coming together on a larger scale is going to be more effective if we actually want to survive this onslaught. Just like Hitler wanted to unite the German people within different countries in Europe, so should we strive to find peoples similar in ethnicity and culture to cooperate with.

This thing is global, antagonistic forces have set their eyes on the white race in particular, wherever they are in the world. So it is time for “chauvinist patriots” to wake up and see the bigger picture. Things are changing fast and we have to change with them, in the right way.

You are the host of the highly recommended “Nordic Frontier” podcast, which already has over 80 episodes recorded and available on the internet. How came the idea of creating an English-speaking radio show? What kind of contents can the listeners find and which are the goals behind this initiative?

Since “waking up” and taking part of so much information, I’ve felt the need to spread the wealth so to say. And when I got into listening to a lot of podcasts, after a while I felt like I wanted to create a podcast of my own. The problem was that I didn’t know what the podcast would be about really. What could I be talking about that no one else is offering?

This idea finally crystallized after having attended my first rally with the Nordic Resistance Movement, where in Stockholm we managed to gather 700 people to march with us under the slogan “Stop the invasion, commence the repatriation” back in 2016. I felt then that that effort did not get the attention that it deserved internationally and I did not see anyone else on the international scene bringing forth National Socialism in any greater capacity. So I decided to ask if it was okay if I started a podcast where I would promote the movement, talk about its politics and activities, that would be its main goal. I never expected it to be included in Nordfront radio as the official English speaking podcast of the movement, but it was and this made me very nervous in the beginning, seeing as I was so new to the movement. This nervousness has now somewhat subsided and I think that we are running quite the smooth operation.

After starting the show though, new goals were set. The first goal was to push out the party program “Our Path” to the international audience. This was done for the first 20 episodes of the show, where we read the party points and then discussed it for a bit. These episodes are still available and the different points can be seen by the show title.

When we had finished the party program our next goal, and what we are somewhat still doing today, is to analyse the condition of the Nordic Nation. We talk about the politics, the news and happenings to get a picture of where we are headed, because in many ways the Nordic countries with Sweden in particular, are the canaries in the coal mine. Cultural Marxists are pushing the boundaries of reality every chance they get here and it’s our job to tell the world about it, from a National Socialist perspective. We also include all the happenings regarding the movement as well, activities, trials and tribulations and the lies of the zionist media.

Creating our own media is very important in order to counteract the System’s brainwashing mass media. I simply cannot understand why there are political organizations which do not produce their own media, such as magazines or audiovisual contents. Apart from Nordic Frontier and the Swedish-speaking Radio Nordfront, which other media is released under the banner of the Nordic Resistance Movement?

Our movement has a long history of publishing its own media. Already in the late nineties they were printing their own news papers, because as you say, we’ve always known the importance of giving our own side of the story, especially when the media goes crazy with weaving lies every time we hit the streets.

In 2012 was launched and since then every other branch of the movement has it’s own website. We have always been known for our activist videos, this are from our street activism, gatherings and demonstrations. These used to be published on YouTube for many years, but have now sadly all been censured.

Today we have expanded this effort quite a bit where we are currently running nine different podcasts that are published weekly. Seven of which are in Swedish, one in English and one in Norwegian. We cover everything from national news to local news to prepping and activism. After that we have started up two different Live Studio TV-channels in Sweden, a third one and maybe a fourth one will be up and running soon. We also lives tream all of our marches, so that people from all around the world can get a first hand look at what’s going on instead of relying on the mainstream to cover the event with quick and dirty headlines.

Another thing I want to mention regarding the radio is that we have two channels that deal with local radio only, local news and happenings from our perspective, one in Ludvika (Dalarna) and one in Kungälv (Västra Götaland). We believe that acting locally and also presenting ourselves locally will have a great effect on normalizing our presence in these areas. People tend to have extra trust in their local kosher media whereas we are fully aware of their foul play, it’s exactly the same as on a national level, therefore it’s important for us to step in and dispel the lies they spread about us on a local level.

Our goal is to completely replace the state media and have the people tune into something more wholesome than what is currently being offered on there.

The Finnish branch of your movement was recently banned but, as far as I know, the organization is still active and the ban has been appealed. Is there any news on this appeal? Also, what’s the current situation of Jesse Torniainen? Is there an address where he can be contacted?

This Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently went to the second tier of the Finnish court and they decided to uphold the decision of banning our movement. According to themselves our organization “goes against law and good customs”. A very vague conviction, and we’re now waiting to see if the supreme court will take on the case and what it means for us in the future. But one thing is certain, the struggle will continue and the revolution will take whatever path it needs to reach victory. The ban will go into effect at the end of November.

Jesse Torniainen was convicted for aggravated assault earlier this year and was sentenced to two years in prison, for defending his comrades from a leftist drug addict while conducting public activism. His spirits are still high as far as I know, but he would really appreciate your thoughts and support. You can reach him at:

Jesse Eppu Torniainen
PL 100
11311 Riihimäki

Repression concerning historical revisionism is still strong in Europe. We’ve recently had the outraging cases of Ursula Haverbeck and Horst Mahler in Germany, or Pedro Varela in Spain. What about Sweden? Is it still possible to study our past without manipulations and talk freely about historical National Socialism and World War II?

Yes, so far it is technically legal to read and write about historical National Socialism, but our “hate speech” laws are being stretched as far as they can possibly go. They are constantly moving the goal posts of what is tolerated and not tolerated within the Swedish legal system, and you have leftist activist groups that report everything that we do to the police that they think can create another verdict. And every time another member gets convicted, that creates all host of new possibilities for them.

I have learnt since coming into the movement, that there is law for ordinary citizens and then there are laws for us, people how oppose the current system in an organized manner. We are deemed as a threat to them and therefore are their sworn enemies. That means that there is no negotiating with these people, they cannot be reasoned with, their only goal is to crush us and in court that is how they will treat us. Being a racist in court in Sweden, is the same as being a holocaust denier in court in Germany, there is no defence. Although punishment in Germany is far greater.

So we do think about how we word things within our media and when talking on the radio, in order to not give away free victories to our enemies.

Are myths and archetypes important? Many historical episodes such as the Battle of Thermopylae, the German Peasants’ War or the Reconquista have been usually evoked by different National Socialist groups in Europe. The same can be said about Germanic mythology (Thor, Wotan…) or semi-legendary figures such as Lycurgus. Do you think archetypes are necessary in order to reawaken the European heroic spirit?

Personally, I strongly believe in the racial spirit and that all these archetypes are reborn in cycles within our people, and each people have their own.

I believe that Hitler was one of these incarnations and that he, as a racial archetype, could speak to the German people like no one else could. Zionists knew this, that something absolutely astonishing was about to go into full bloom within the German people and that they had to end it before it was too late.

I am also convinced that this is something that is happening within the Nordic people today. The people that join our movement have a conviction, a faith in our struggle, that Nordic people haven’t had in a long time, especially Swedes who have been peace-damaged for centuries. This conviction is stronger than that of an ordinary soldier in, let’s say the Swedish army, they believe in nothing, where as the people of the movement believe in a completely new world order, in a positive sense. Something revolutionary that is not only a utopia based on vague day dreams, but a vision of a free Nordic National Socialist nation that can combat globalization and zionism. The racial spirit will guide us in this endeavour and the archetypes will let themselves be known as time passes.

Which books would you recommend as essential for the young militants who are now giving their first steps into National Socialism?

If you are taking your first steps into this I would recommend “My Awakening” by David Duke. It is not a national socialist read, but it will give you some foundations on race and its importance and also the basics when it comes to the jewish Bolshevik revolution.

After having watched “The Greatest Story Never Told” I recommend reading David Irving’s “Hitler’s War”, Richard Tedor’s “Hitler’s Revolution” and also “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich. To get a grasp on the second world war from a different perspective.

Also for fighting spirit I would mention Codreanu’s “For my legionaries”.

And of course “Mein Kampf” written by the legend himself. Especially the section on Nation and Race.

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